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Fashion and Beauty Blog

  • 4 Facial Hair Removal Options

    If you're dealing with unwanted facial hair growth, chances are you've tried shaving or plucking stray hairs only to find they grow back too quickly. Additionally, razors and tweezers can nick your skin, but there are other hair removal options for you to consider. Here's an overview of four hair removal methods that are suitable for facial hair: Waxing Waxing is ideal for small areas of the face, such as the upper lip or eyebrows, as the melted wax is applied in strips and this allows your beautician to target specific areas with accuracy.

  • Three Guidelines to Help you Distinguish Good from Bad Waxing Accessories

    As the owner of a spa or other beauty salon, your main aim is to get your clients happy and keep them happy. You need a combination of great spa products and good employees to make this happen. Waxing accessories are often a component of the beauty process which helps distinguish between a great spa experience and a bad one. Here are three guidelines that you ought to follow when choosing spa wax and waxing accessories.

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