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4 Facial Hair Removal Options

by Jesse Bishop

If you're dealing with unwanted facial hair growth, chances are you've tried shaving or plucking stray hairs only to find they grow back too quickly. Additionally, razors and tweezers can nick your skin, but there are other hair removal options for you to consider. Here's an overview of four hair removal methods that are suitable for facial hair:


Waxing is ideal for small areas of the face, such as the upper lip or eyebrows, as the melted wax is applied in strips and this allows your beautician to target specific areas with accuracy. The heat from the wax opens your pores, so when the wax is pulled off your skin in the opposite direction of your hair growth, the hair is removed from the root. This leaves you with a clean, hair-free patch of skin that can remain hairless for around a month.


Sugaring originated in the Middle East and is similar in application to waxing. However, instead of wax, which tends to contain preservatives and other chemicals, the sugaring paste consists of only sugar, water and lemon juice. The use of natural ingredients can make sugaring the preferred choice over waxing for those with sensitive skin that's prone to irritation. Hair removal with this technique can last as long as waxing.   


Threading can be used to remove hair from small areas or the entire face. No chemicals or solutions are used for this hair removal technique, which involves removing the hair with the root attached using cotton thread. The thread wraps around each hair and a row of hairs can be removed at the same time, which makes it quicker than plucking with tweezers. The friction of the thread passing over delicate skin on your face can cause some mild skin irritation, but this technique can last for a couple of weeks longer than waxing and sugaring.


Laser hair removal is painless and works by using heat to damage hair follicles, which can prevent regrowth over time. Most people need several treatment sessions before there's a noticeable reduction in hair growth, and laser hair removal is a more expensive treatment option, but this method does offer permanent results if you adhere to the treatment schedule set out by your beautician.

If you're unsure of the best facial hair removal option for you, consult with your beautician before scheduling a specific treatment. They can assess your skin and hair growth and make a recommendation based on your desired results.

For more information, reach out to your local beauty salon


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